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About Us

There are many different kind of coffee, but did you ever try coffee of real estate flavors. We established @ CAFÉ to be club for all real estate workers to be the correct place to meet in and achieve their deal in fully of business atmosphere.

We are not like usual coffee shop; we are specialized coffee shop which works in real estate market, contracting and construction, where our staff consists of specialized team from experts’ consultants who have a lot of experience in real estate sectors, who are ready to provide their services to all our customers upon their needs.


Our clients usually from contractors, consultancies, real estate developers and lands lords where @ CAFÉ is the best place to find all of them, if you are looking to build, develop or even buy property all you need is just visiting @ CAFÉ and you will meet all workers in real estate sectors in one place. If you are contractor and wanted to announce for your services we can support you and provide your advertisement to the potential clients within our @ CAFÉ, we can use our advertising screens within     @ CAFÉ to make your advertisement clear to every visitor and you can answer their inquires directly during your attend in @ CAFÉ.